Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pre-Inauguration Gift:

I met up with fellow NYCers Lichiban & Jayson Atienza who BOTH had pieces in the Manifest Hope:DC show. Wouldya look at that!

Would you also look at that crowd. Ha, it was so packed we couldnt even get in. Lichi considered that a compliment.
So we separated for powernaps and city wandering.
...then returned for the show's Ball / Gala. Lichiban gave me her spare ticket - whew.
Some of the work:
.....what's that familiar sound?.......i bumped into some more "Broooooklyn!":
...THAT familiar sound i was hearing downstairs was Plugs 1 through 3!

Now, ive done it.

After the gala [ and losing my voice due to yelling Posdnus' line BACK at him ] we met up on the other side of the city for more Praising of Our America:
I met the folks of the great blog: I L L V I B E S - D M V. Loads of hip hop treats constantly served up. Be sure to take a gander.
....the NEXT DAY was history.

- jelsen


Anonymous said...

i know i've left this comment multiple times on different posts, but again: you really know how to do things and DO them well. some may say, it's a talent.

IV Crew said...

yo JELSEN was good man??? It was dope chillin with ya crew down in U Street. It was good meet ya fam, thanx for the shoutout to illvibes. I'm lovin the artwork man, we gotta team up for a project and u def gotta show me how NY get down

Peace & iLL Vibes

Diego O.

holla at me