Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby Genius? Yes.

A friend of ours [alexis kaplan ] made this for a class assignment; visualize a word or phrase with food.

it now has prime real estate on our wall. 'nuff said.

- jelsen

Happy "V"-Day, Bahareh

"valentines" not "venereal", silly!

(i love you babe.)
- jelsen

Our Logo being born. Then circumsized.

woohoo. its also a girl! we're truly proud parents - until it fucks up.

Good Morning // 01

Aimed at productivity, i started today with a mug of green tea (which gave me gas on an empty stomach), a nostril corked with kleenex, and a book by BUNCH which had my head spinning.

so far, BUNCH wins.
- jelsen