Friday, May 30, 2008

Africana via Brooklyn

Memorial Day Monday is always beautiful in Brooklyn. i mean BROOKLYN. In Ft Greene the annual African Street Festival.
Cant wait til the Caribbean Day Parade. uh oh.

Haiti Stand Up!
- jelsen

Tri-Bridge Weekend

1) Saturday Afternoon: Manhattan Bridge
2) Saturday Evening: Williamsburg Bridge3) Sunday Morning: Brooklyn Bridge [ 125yrs strong! ]
Bahareh did 2 of 3 in one sitting.
Amazing for a new nyc cyclist, eh?

- jelsen

"....And We Ride!"

Last weekend we ran outta bed [around 3pm] determined to (a) replace my stolen front wheel and (b) get Bahareh some hotwheels.
After about an hour of B's uncanny street market bargaining skills we rode into the sunset [aka brunch].- jelsen