Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sundays in Oslo

My favorite thing to do in Oslo on Sundays is to walk through the many flea markets. I hardly ever find anything to buy, but I love looking and digging through all the stuff people put out there. I once found a toilet paper roll in one of the boxes. Some would call it half used, but I'd like to think it was half unused.


New York hold 'em

I see your snow and raise you.


Bye Bye Grandma

Grandma Guillaume lived a great 76yrs. 1 of 16 siblings.
She passed away peacefully in her sleep, exactly 2yrs + 1day after her husband's death.

They are both buried next to each other.

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- jelsen


Just finished my first boxing lesson. I floated like an elephant and stung like a cotton ball - but I'm totally gonna go back for more.
The taste of blood is still in my mouth. Yum.