Saturday, July 19, 2008

CHALLENGE // 1-Month Bud Light Wristband

This morning whilst waking up i realized i didnt remove my sexy BudLight wristband from last night's Deerhoof concert. Bahareh said that i couldnt leave it on for 1 month.

i, Jelsen, accepted the challenge.

This could either be interesting, or just the opposite - for 1 entire month. We didnt even agree on a prize.

married life's awkward,
- jelsen

Brooklyn + Deerhoof

Whoohoo! Celebrate Brooklyn concert series at Prospect Park is fantastic. Last night was Deerhoof - primo!...and though ive been a fan of Deerhoof as a collective force i also have an established man/crush [ on the basis of musical skill, silly ] on drummer Greg Saunier.

why? enjoy:

Good Morning // 17

On thursday morn, Yego [ of 21 Maroon Colony ] and i met up and biked over to The Brooklyn Library for some good ole fashion content soakage.

It's been ages since i've used the best thing our government has to offer.

bien sur,
- jelsen

The Real Knight

...THIS time, we made it on time for The Dark Knight opening [ 12:02am ]. Actually, 'too' on time. All the great, good, decent seats were taken and we were just left with 3rd to front row corner seats - HELL NO.

So, i got a theater employee [ aka messiah ] to sneak us into another theater - an empty one! This benevolent man got an extra $10.

we got perfect middle/middle seats.
- jelsen

Some Brooklyn Signage +

- jelsen

BBQ Wednesday

On wednesday Bahareh planned a 'BBQ Lunch' with a couple of friends at ft greene park. We broke out yet another wedding gift [ thanks! ] and gotterdone.
- jelsen