Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apples Galore

Luckily for Bahareh and i we have friends who come up with great ideas for us. Meaning, Panos and Brent planned to go apple picking upstate in Granite Springs and then we just jumped into their wagon.


The ride up:

....we saw some amazing homes. I want the one up top because its the very last home in a dead end on a hill, it also needs to be gutted and restored, and its easily on a full acre.

Bahareh prefers the second house because its the exact opposite of my choice - its ready-to-move-in.

We did agree on:
...and we finally arrived.
A couple hours later we waved farewell to the apple fields that embraced us with delicious bounty.

Panos was headed back to Boston so before dropping the rest of us off at the train station we wandered the town's streets for goodies.
We decided on a cute (yes, i really mean 'cute') little southern italian diner on what we considered 'Main Street'. The food's amazing.
Homeward bound:
Monday was indeed a great day. We ate like spoiled elementary schoolers and, uhm....i think that was the entire day, really. ha.

Oh! We got apples n shit. 27lbs of it.

Bahareh's gonna make a whole bunch of apple goodies; apple cider, apple tart, apple pie, apple toilet paper, apple remote controls...

utumn anyone?
- jelsen

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- jelsen