Monday, April 7, 2008

Bye bye baby

My friends and I gathered for a small bachelorette reunion party/ going away party for me on Sunday and pretty little Lejla was the obvious center of everyones attention. Lejla has cheeks the size of tennis balls and she clearly likes my cooking so you can imagine how much I love her.


Last Week's Interestings // 01

Random visual pleasantries. Please enjoy.
- jelsen

Brooklyn Flea fled

Since my morning began at 2pm, by the time brunching & swinging were behind us the Brooklyn Flea's debut was at a close upon our arrival.

aw well.
- jelsen

Good Morning // 12

After brunch with Billy, Becca, and Brent we hit the swings. [ thank you, thank you Becca ]
Ah, liberating.

- jelsen