Thursday, April 17, 2008

Color on color

I saw these building while walking the streets of NY yesterday and I discovered that I really like when they paint the buildings and fire escapes in the same color scheme. I even found a pink on pink version, but it was getting to dark to capture so I'm gonna go back and do that later. Also, I couldn't see a single black on black version, so if anyone knows of one - please let me know so I can check it out. Here are a couple of my favorites. The red is gorgeous, I love how the staircases just POP!

Red on red
Green on green
Brown on brown


Yesterdays randoms

I spent yesterday strolling the streets of Manhattan with my lovely friend Rebecka. The weather was gorgeous so we wanted to stay out as much as possible. We started at the Union Sq farmers market, then headed down to Soho and the Lower East Side. We walked and walked till my feet were sore and saw a lot of great things on the way.
The beekeeper told us there was a queen in here and that she is usually 3-4 times bigger than the workers. We spent a few minutes trying to find her in the bundle, but gave up and started sampling the goodness instead.
Becka has a freaking fountain in her building. Who HAS that? Well, besides Becka, I mean.
I like this sticker placement a lot. Peek a boo, peace is knocking on the door.
The cup reads "Drop quarter to see barbers move". I didn't have any quarters, but I managed to see the barbers move regardless. I love when I beat the system.
A hideaway restaurant off of Rivington. Sadly It wasn't open for business when we dropped by, but we plan on going back soon. It was super cute and I absolutely love what they did with their yard.This is exactly the rustic look I am going for for our rehearsal dinner / bbq in our backyard in June.

We passed the New Museum 4 times and didn't even walk in once. Ha.
This was a hole in the wall on Houston. I wanna go back and get a night lamp soon.


Allison + Jelsen // April 17, 2008

Allison's not only entertaining but also a cat person. She's actually more than just a cat person - she's a cat survivor. Her poor paw lost its life and Allison's making sure her legacy lives on.


- jelsen

The Love Has Been Spread

Yesterday i emailed formfiftyfive giving them all high-5's for the amazing work they've been consistently posting on their site. And what do i get in return? Yep, a portfolio shoutout.


Thanks again guys.
- jelsen