Monday, October 20, 2008

3rd Time's The Charm.

Officially, my 3rd iPhone. Unofficially, crying inside.

- jelsen

Grey with an E

Yesterday, Jason Reid [ of The Retrospective ] and his girlfriend Christina drove up from Connecticut for a day of NYC in the autumn. We linked up for kimchi and a convo.
...and i was then introduced to this craziness:

Thanks again for the good time, guys.
And Happy Birthday!

til next
- jelsen

Last Week's Interestings // 25

- jelsen

Rodney Gets Another One

Another birthday, that is. Now im not saying im shocked that Rodney added 1 more year to his already impressive existence - im just happy to acknowledge that he survived a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE in 2008 and has been hop/skippin' forward ever since.

Cheers, comrade.
Check out more pics via Rodney's B L O G.
- jelsen

Friday Night Hop

Friday night i headed to Younity's Heart & Soul art opening at AlphaBeta. There were tons of work on display including a pair from two of my holmettes: Stephanie Land & Lichiban.
Steph took some great pics: H E R E...INTERMISSION...
then a couple of us headed over to Crash Mansion for RAYE 6's bday gig. Lichiban put me onto this crew so it was a pleasant surprise to bump into gooder times.

Check out more on RAYE 6 [ here ]
Next time, if prepared, i'll wear this:- jelsen