Thursday, February 21, 2008

Carb heaven and the birds condo

Started the day at my favorite bakery in Oslo with my lovely friend Line. It's called "Åpent bakeri", which translates to "open bakery" and it has the most delicious bread in the entire Norway. It's so good, they're always sold out actually, but luckily we were up bright and early and got our share. It works like this; you pick and pay for your choice of delightful treat (in this case wholegrain rolls) and then they let you eat all you want of their homemade strawberry jam which basically contains freshly squished sweet strawberries. They have a barrel full of it and you can fill a glass (or even ten) with it and bring to your table. It is heaven. Hea.ven. If I could go there for breakfast everyday I would, I swear. If you haven't had Norwegian bread, you can't understand what I mean and if "Smucker's" is your choice of jam, I want you to smuck yourself in the face for even thinking it comes close to this.

Anyway. After finishing my giant size roll of yumminess, I headed to the gym where my personal trainer told me I'm not allowed to have bread again. Like ever. Or should I say, never.

Walking from the gym to the subway, I spotted this awesome bird's condo. It looks like a little tree house. Although it's on a stick, so that basically makes it a stick house, I guess?! Pretty neat, except the pigeons couldn't fit in it so they were just using it as a pit stop. Sorta like a crap'n fly. The best part is the sign directing them towards the nearest Deli de Luca, which is coincidentally - the only place I like to get my crap when I'm about to fly.