Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last Week's Interestings // 28

- jelsen

Brooklyn Stand Up!

Oh, Brooklyn Brooklyn. I love you so.

When we got back to our neighborhood we found ourselves in a borough-wide block party. We bumped into tons of buddies..."Congratulations, man!"....."Yes We Did!"....."Holy Shit!!"....
We then tumbled over to Mike & Maya's for more group hugs and Bama-Brownies.
Check out these amazing pics below. Photographer Stanley Lumax did a primo job capturing the moments of the night in Fort Greene.
Make sure to peep more of his work from the night H E R E. Also, his solid portfolio @ StoneFacePhotography.

BK All Day,
- jelsen

Election Night, revisited.

Tuesday night we were in Midtown for the election night party. Young Professionals United For Change hosted - word!

The entire city was rejoicing. I've never seen anything like it - Times Square was a happy mayhem. we come!

- jelsen