Friday, March 14, 2008

Intercontinental Mail x2

More mail for me! hooray! The first package is from my buddy Nora in Hamburg. She travels to nyc a lot and a couple months ago finally got to meet Bahareh. For the longest time she didnt believe she actually existed outside of my imagination. ha.

These are pics from that visit.
The second package was from my dutch homie, Benjamin, in amsterdam. He works for Frame Magazine and i just fucking love this publication. It's focus is primarily on international interior design, architecture, and they dabble in some product design.

These cats DO NOT PLAY.

The layouts of every issue is like....uhm....a well executed experiment. Graphically, photographically, typographically, and everything else-ically. I dream of working with these guys. The printing methods they switch up for the covers are always exciting, too.

The only way i get em is if he sends em to me; these bitches are expensive.
That's my re-refurbished baby nicely nestled back at the casa.

- jelsen

Click Clack Click Spacebar?

Yesterday, i finally got to pick up my baby at Tekserve. Their store is cluttered with day-to-day stuff but they also place vintage hardware throughout the space.

Check out this Burrough's typewriter. The logo is ridiculous. Man, and that arrow.

- jelsen

More Trucking Graphics

This one hardened my nipples immediately. My only beef with this mark is its redundancy (CS&S logo w/ CS&S text). I also dig the lil' truck - the main logo would def work without it but i do enjoy the playfulness of a truck drawn on a truck owned my a trucking company.

At least they didnt place a huge 'TM' or 'R' or....

- jelsen

Happy Easter!

Norway doesn't separate church and state, so we all get about 10 extra days off for it every year. The kick off was today. Easter is my favorite season in Oslo because it clears up and feels like a totally different city once everyone has left. Lovely.

The average Norwegian goes to his cabin or a ski resort and proceeds to ski all day and drink all night - or vice versa...or any other combination of alcohol and ski gear you can think of. Kids get their own little buzz going when they get their easter eggs filled to the rim with candy and run around in constant sugar highs.Yes, for 10 days. And although I am very much against the combination of sugar and children, I surrender to tradition and give my niece and nephew these "little things" every year as well.

Hey, I'm trying to win the "aunt of the year" award, h'ok?


Paper cuts

I got an accidental day off work today and ended up (among other fun activities) paper shopping with my best friend Katharina. We found the most gorgeous stuff at "Norway Designs" and the "Paper Gallery". After searching high and low for the perfect little gift for my awesome friend and self proclaimed paper freak, Stephanie, I finally narrowed it down to a few choices. Hopefully she'll dig them cuz they're already in the mail! The rolls and the bottom blue one are from Italy, the pink and gold is hand made in Nepal and the crazy pattern is handmade in India...and since they all made a detour through Norway before they find Lady Land in the States, we can pretty much say they traveled the world to get to her. Enjoy, sweets!


Monkey gave birth to an elephant.

During my field trip of fun today, I found a new thrift shop that I'm sure I'll be a frequent customer to in the near future. They happen to sell beaded art from my favorite charity, Monkeybiz , and since elephants just happen to be my favorite animals...I had to snap some pictures.


Spring IS coming!

And I present to you; the blooming proof from Oslo this morning. Spring is my season. I'm even named after it, so our love was kinda predestined.