Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Morning // 18

Our buddy, Guillo, gave us the gift of massage for our wedding. Well, a gift certificate to a spa-date to be more precise. In his note he wrote; "you have one hour to do the dirrty". This morning, Jelsen and I decided it was about time to cash it in and it's hard to describe how wonderful it was without making it sound as if we actually did something dirty, so I'm gonna keep it simple. It was just as good as you can imagine. And you KNOW you have great imagination.
- bahareh

Clip-Art Saves

I have yet to underestimate the power of Dover clip-art books. Ooodles upon ooodles of opportunities...

The moment i picked this one up i KNEW my next tattoo was within its pages. 'The One' was the very last image, on the very last page:
Thank you Willy, over at Brooklyn Tattoo, for the craftwork.

til next,
- jelsen

Last Week's Interestings // 15

- jelsen

CHALLENGE // 1 Month Bud Light Wristband

ugh.......3 WEEKS COMPLETED. 1 more gunky week to 'endure'.

almost infected,
- jelsen