Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not So Long Ago....

- jelsen


Wednesday was a fun and inspiring day. Guillo (fresh from his week in Amsterdam), Jessica and i checked out the Museum of Arts and Design.

Here are some photos i was asked by the lovely employees not to take:
Towards the end of our tour Guillo and i were so hungry we didnt even notice that the museum's 9th floor restaurant....was yet to open for business.

I leave you with "Mary Had A Little Lamb" by _________ (sorry)

- jelsen

Firmly grounded

One of my favorite things to snap pictures of is feet. Anyone's feet will do, but I must admit when the best moments come around and I feel giddy and happy, I like to stare down at my own feet and take a picture to point out where I was when I felt so alive and true. The pictures always capture what I was standing on, but most importantly I think they capture the moments when I took a breath and realized how comfortable I am becoming in my own skin.