Thursday, July 3, 2008

And more more more....

Some more photo magic courtesy of ms. Stephanie Land

Back by popular demand:

More wedding photos!


...and what have I learned so far?
An astrologer told me a few months ago, that 28 is a very special number for me. All the planets stood in the same numeral position (28) when I was born, and I turn 28 in 2008 and the numbers in my name and bday somehow add up to be 28...SO, I know that if 28 is only half of what I dream it to be - it'll be the best year of my life. So far.

I've learned that you are only as great as the people you surround yourself with (which makes me pretty darn awesome)
I've learned that you can plan everything out, but in the end - you have to go with the flow of things and let it all be what it wants to be.
I've learned that you achieve according to how big you dream, and luckily I've always been a BIG dreamer.

Oh...and the sappy part of me has learned the secret of life early enough to practice it e v e r y day. Love. Love. Love.

"All you need is love...da da dara ra..."

Jelsen's Bday Nonsense

Step 1: Drink too much. Step 2: Buy a Day Pass. Step 3: Eat as much junk food as possible. Step 4: Act surprised when you throw up.
I only got as far as Step 3, though. I just love being a young adult!

- jelsen