Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fantastic Folks

A couple days ago i shadowed Dhundee over to see his buddies at Liberty Studios.

Ms Gina Bevilacqua is a dope producer who's also a sucker for mid-seventies folk music 'my parents used to always listen to...and now all of a sudden i cant get enough of it.' She threw a couple tracks on and i summed up her parents as cool-ass west coast hippies. 

We had a geeked convo on typography....particularly title treatments.


check out some of her work HERE.
.....and definitely peep Rope A Dope

The other half of the Hosting Dream Team was Mr Rudolf Bekker. This kind Dutchman offered me bier before introducing himself - proper!
His photography is.....milky. Yes - milky. I want to either drink it or bath in it....havent decided yet. I pulled some selects but be sure to take a gander at his portfolio site H E R E.
...and here's a collabo of their's i dug up [ she produced / he stars in ]:
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bye bye from here,
- jelsen