Friday, March 7, 2008

Good Morning // 06

The Redcoats are coming!

- jelsen

Todays forecast

Oslo, Norway. 32 degrees. Feels like 32 degrees. Humidity, 51%. Mostly cloudy, chance of sun.


Locker room smarts

At first glance I thought these key bars, that are put up in between every locker aisle at my gym, were the smartest e v e r. My oh my, was I wrong. First time - I forgot my keys to it, second time - I forgot which white lock was mine, third time -...ha! How stupid do you think I am.? There was no third time, I went back to taking it home with me when I leave. Now, THAT'S locker room smarts!


Practice your poses

British Cosmo on the left and Swedish Cosmo on the right. Katherine Heigl's signature pose in the middle of both. Slightly more retouched on the Swedish version, slightly more wind in her hair on the British one.
I would have accepted it if it was the exact same picture in the same dress...but if they can take the time to slip a new dress on her - they should have the time to teach her a new pose.