Friday, June 19, 2009

COLLECTIVE ART_Jelsen Jargon Interview

Have a peep at the interview and some of my recent sketchbookings > > H E R E < <
- jelsen

Simmer Down, Simmer Down, Simmer Down

- jelsen

BMW 2002 Sighting // 07

- jelsen

Last Week's Interestings // 44

- jelsen

Vroooooooom! i've been in search of a new bike forever and FINALLY something caught my eye [ and wallet ] via craigslist a week ago. boston > craigslist.

ha - i emailed the post and he called me back the next morning.

'cool - so what neighborhood are you in?', he asked.
'new york city.'
'damn, dude.'
'yeah - gimme 5-6hrs to get there.'

this was on a friday so i jumped on a chinatown bus [ bought a disposable camera first ] and headed to boston:
I got there just under 5hrs.

And once i got there a mister Josh Deane picked me up and pulled my baby out of his jeep:
> Y E S <
After about 20mins of throwing bike jargon back and forth [ he was far more articulate ] i handed over some currency and headed back to the bus station.
pwitty luggage.
I got back to manhattan around 4am. My first ride through the city and onto the manhattan bridge was soooooooooo clean.

I named it Plan Bee.
Thanks again, Josh, for my new pet.

oh fixed gear,
- jelsen