Monday, March 24, 2008

Ghersi in BK?! Hooray!

A veddy good friend of mine [ Jessica Ghersi ] was in town this wknd from Montreal. The Good Lord was REALLY good to me this wknd - i got to chill w/ her twice, oh my!

I also got to meet her uber talented friend Yoann aka APY. Dude's pretty nasty. Check out some selects:

A bien tot,
- jelsen

Marge's Last Sunday

After the Guggenheim we figured to look for a brunch spot in the neighborhood.

There was another special occasion - Marge got a new gig in LA and is packed and ready to self-ship on Friday. So, everything we did was in the theme of, "...this is the last Nuts4Nuts i'll eat on an nyc Sunday....".

Thankfully the weather supported our candid Sunday pace.
Brunch.....eventually, after walking for about an hr & change. [......It's been FAR too long. Again.] Homeward bound, we hopped on the M103....after chasing down the wrong bus for 1.78 blocks.Rodney's consistent impromptu power naps.

- jelsen

Good Morning // 09

Top-O-Morning folks!

Rodney, Marge, and i woke up bright n early to catch Cai Guo-Qiang's exhibit at the oh-so-pwitty (and STILL under renovation)Guggenheim Museum.

ETA: 10:18am
I def recommend a visit. There are also rooms that display vid clips of his process.

- jelsen