Sunday, June 22, 2008

Last Week's Interestings // 09

- jelsen

Rodney's HOME:


After 7 fucking weeks Rodney walks his ass out of the hospital and into his humble home.

The Man. The Legend. The 18th Letter.

So glad to have you back, man. Wedding dance-off still on, sucka.
- jelsen

We Get MARRIED in:

...and who but my trusted fellows to throw me a bit of a bachelor party?! On Friday i (with the greasy grin) partook in some good, clean fun called: 'put dem titties in my face'.

Gotta love your homies - i sure love mine.

thanks guys.Did i say thank you?

- jelsen

Walruses Drink Too

The 'Walrus Turns 3' party begins! First, we booz'd at the office and then.......this is just too special.....and THEN we jumped on the mutherfucking party bus!

Yes, yes - the minds behind WALRUS figured it appropriate to ride to the New York Aquarium in decadence. great times, folks. really great times. i sorta wish i was 3 again.

- jelsen

Walrus Turns 3!

H'ok. We're just gonna start from the top: i LOVE process!

This year WALRUS is turning 3 years old and they're celebrating by throwing a bash at The New York Aquarium - yep, in Coney Island USA.

Genius, indeed.

Here's the 'making-of' the invite.

These ink cartridges cost more than my printer at home.
Jeannie laid the mathematics down. Decimals are annoying as shit.
Stay tuned for the party pics.

Hint: Party. Bus.
- jelsen