Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bon Voyage, Joe!

Our buddy, Joe, left the country this week and will be spending the next few months in China where he is set to supervise the opening of a new gallery! Very fun for him, not as fun for Allison - his cutie girlfriend, or Courtesy Of - cuz he'll be missing our wedding!
But truth be told, we are pretty envious he gets to go on this crazy adventure!
We wish you good luck, buddy. Hurry back, you guys are like the best double date we've ever had. Ha ha

Also, Courtesy Of thinks he should start a blog to keep us all updated on his Chinese life! All in favor, leave a comment and help put the peer pressure on our Joe!
-The Courteous team

The fabulous Richie Rich

I got to meet Richie Rich, Heatherette designer, the other night and he was the sweetest person e v e r! Check out his designs for that fun, whimsical, trashy-flashy New York style. I love it because it always entertains me and makes me giggle. And we all know how I like to giggle!

You don't want to miss this!

My favorite Norwegian movie, REPRISE, is playing in New York.I rrrreally LOVE this movie and now I am so excited that I finally get to take Jelsen to watch it! It's already been playing a couple of weeks - and I don't really know how much longer it's gonna be on - so hurry up before they take it off the playlist !
Instead of walking around in the disgusting heat this weekend, head to the cooled down theaters and show Norway some love.


Dear Jelsen

I thought you'd enjoy these.


Uhm....i just kept taking notes!
- the set
- the fashion
- the colors
- the sound
- the camera
- the microphone
- the backup singers
- his voice
- their dance
- the goddamn flute.

it's kinda crazy ridiculous.
- jelsen

Rated Rookies, sucka.

Yes, yes, more goodies from The Land Of The Denim Tux - Rated Rookies. Jeremy benevolently granted me a free tee! I love free stuff - especially when it's a motivational quotable.

bien sur.
Take more of a gander HERE.

maintain / focus / execute,
- jelsen


On Wednesday, Bahareh and I met up with Maya & Sara for some Buffalo Wild Wing tomfoolery. And boy did it hurt. Someway, somehow, some(anything else) - Maya is completely safe from kryptonite aka the Blazin' Buffalo Wing. This shit is so fucking hot i tear up after just one. Maya consumed at least 4 - insane.

She wins. Again.50 wings in 50 seconds......sike!
Hooray - constipation.........sike #2!

- jelsen