Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good Morning // 25 // THE VOTE 2008

So let it be written.
So let it be done.

- jelsen

Homeward Bound

5am - Pops drove me to the airport for my flight back to NYC.

The entire trip was so worth it. Plus I got to see both my parents for the first time since
the wedding.

I love 'em.
- jelsen

! Surprise !


My mother was COMPLETELY elated when she walked out of the bathroom and saw me sitting on the couch. ha.

I wish i could upload the video of it but its far too large.

My pops did a great job not letting her in on my surprise visit. They whipped up a quick meal for Guillo and i.
"When in Rome"

We had bible study....of course! Since my flight was at 6:20am my father hurried to bed before the rest of use. Check him out praying in the distance.

I havent been around religion in a minute.
Highschool Yearbook photo:
I think i said i was going to be an architect.

- jelsen

East Coast Vehicles

This car must HATE its owner:In all honesty - California has a WAY better thing going.

- jelsen

Borelando, revisited.

Since we had to drive through Central Florida we segwayed off the interstate in my old neighborhood: Altamonte Springs.

I moved there my freshman year of highschool.
That's the building that's been under construction since i 2000. teehee.

Here's that mall where i got all my game.....i also bought a lot of shit from Hot Topic.Here's the last place The Innocent Family resided together....now we're scattered across the states.'Downtown Orlando'And the obvious:It was SO nice seeing all this after such a long time. Next time i'll drag The Wife and we'll point and giggle together.....maybe a lil Epcot action, too.

- jelsen

Hello, There...Its Been A While.

South Carolina provided Guillo and i a spectacularly greasy breakfast, indeed.

The last time i ate at a Waffle House was when i was a freshman in college in Chattanooga, TN. We used to sneak out of the dorm (in the boondocks) and drive out even further into the boondocks to party.

Each of those nights ended at a Waffle House.

- jelsen

Some i95 Signage

- jelsen