Monday, January 5, 2009

All Aboard > OSLO

Take II:

So, we boarded the vessel in Copenhagen headed back to Oslo. Now, the events of the 1st leg of the trip were still...uhm....haunting us, so we were determined do it better this time around.

Here we go:
We attacked the tax-free store then headed back to our lil room for The Cycle.
This time was different, though - Lisa & Ekene went around to the bars on the boat flirting to get a sack of ice......they succeeded!

...more drinking games. wait - i mean, 'more of the same drinking game'.
ooooops - we realized that we missed the last call for dinner (11pm) so we rushed out and BEGGED the waiter to get us ANYTHING left in the kitchen....
...that 'anything' came in the form of french fries. lots and lots of french fries.
We were so drunk we actually ate it all. ha! need to say that someONE threw up the rest of the night - but, i just said it. so....there.
...back to cabin drinking...
...then, again:
ha - identical to the night prior. Same people, same music, same wonderful sloppiness.
aaaaah - woke up back in Oslo the next morning. This trip was so much fun. Next time (if we dare to brave this method again) we promised to squeeze in more days BETWEEN the boat rides.

We pinky swore.

- jelsen

Jannik Sees You Clearly

Jannik here went to school with us in Miami a while back. After creatively skeeting across the map he eventually moved back to Copenhagen - so we figured it good timing to catch up with him.

He's an art director and he just recently launched the first line of his own eyewear brand called  Hankjobenhavn [ aka HAVN ].

Here's a peek:
I'm a sucker for clean & clever design and these def hit the spot.
oh good times. and do check out more of HAVN [here].

- jelsen


During one of our 'how does this compass work' moments in Copenhagen we stumbled across this group:
- jelsen

Copenhagen Type + Signage + Extras =

oh man oh man:
now, wasnt that a fun lil voyage? i had fun.

- jelsen