Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Growing pains

I know Jelsen loves ME...but I'm not sure he has much love for our plant. Considering this is our one and only plant right now, you'd think we'd be able to keep it alive (and by we, I mean Jelsen). Anyway...I am trying to rescue it, which basically means I watered it and cut off all the dead leaves. Hopefully it'll soon turn from yellow to green again.


Lichiban x Jelsen Jargon @ Art Show

Jelsen Jargon has an exciting May ahead. Why? Cuz i'll be collaborating with my uber talented buddy Lichiban for a group show in San Diego, curated by Philly-based The Love Movement, an amazing art collective working the LA art scene. Check out their site for sure.

This'll be my very first art show of any kind. Also my very first piece on canvas. Aaaah, the pressure.

The special sauce is that the show benefits the International Humanity Foundation.

The children should ALWAYS win.

This is a peek-a-boo of the work in progress...and also one of my baby pics. Lichiban was kind enough to omit my sister-matching sailor's outfit.

So benevolent.

- jelsen