Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good Morning // 08

Long story short: the Immigrations Office told me to make an appointment with the Federal Office (in the Financial District) to be 'sworn in' on all things Bahareh/Jelsen. The appointment was set (by them) for 7:30am. Since i only had about 2hrs of sleep last and woke up at 7, i opted for a cab into the city.

I get there, wait an hour for my ticket to be called, get my ticket called, pull out my paperwork, and then watched the teller's lips tell me, " shouldnt have come here for this. Get this signed at any public notary".

"the customer service (YOUR service) told me to specifically make an appointment here to get this document signed..."

"...nope", he said, "yeah - we've been having issues with our phone customer service people. They've been giving a lot of wrong information. See, we contract out our customer service."

"WOW", jelsen said. wow.

- jelsen

Bye Bye Boston

The way to get back to the Fung Wah bus was first to call a cab to take me from Waltham to downtown Boston then catch a train to the bus terminals. My cabbie's name was Vincie - and she's hilarious. She gave me advice ranging from "how not to get married twice like i did" to "how to make money for your own damn life". She also had a great monologue on "...every fucking time i turn on the radio its Obama's black this and Hillary's a woman that...get the fuck over it people! jeez, we're one goddamn country!"

"You tell em", i said. And the cherry on top of it all was her wonderfully heavy Bostonian accent.
Also, riding on the bus i saw a whole lotta cool trucking company logos. hmmm....a future project in the making?

- jelsen

Vehicular Cough

Before i headed back southbound to new amsterdam, my brother agreed to rep Walrus & Tesla in a special, sorta permanent way.


- jelsen

Andrew's Last Supper/Laxative

I had the entertaining pleasure of meeting and co-cooking with Rasheeda, a friend of Andrew's. We all enjoyed the tasty lasagna as well as the milkshake that dubbed as a potent laxative for the entire trio.
I leave the following day.

- jelsen