Friday, February 29, 2008


1st up - Jesus' Prince-O-Peacemobile. vroom vroom!

I think its very inconsiderate of this car owner to have not one but two (2) window bumpers asking you to flip through the Old Testament twice: first when reading it from your rear-view mirror then again when the bastard cuts you off.

How is anyone going to be saved with this new brand of 'mobile evangelism'? tsk tsk. what happened to slipping pamphlets through a car's cracked window in the local mega parking lot? evangelism has indeed lost its intimacy.

* oh wait, right. they got the Lord Approved 'FORGVIN1' tag. FREE PASS EVERYONE, FREE PASS! red lights and stop signs? puh leez.

B.O.M.B.A. - the acronym.
c'mon now. now you have a big-ass secret on a big ass rear windshield.

Better Off Masturbating Beneath A-train

Oh c'mon c'mon! pick a side, comrade! so, you honk & honk & honk & honk until i let you by and then you apologize for being an asshole?

You should just drive in reverse to avoid a whole lotta confusion.

- jelsen
(shout out to amy, mary & jeanny for 'Drive-By TMI')

Another reason to be a proud Norwegian

Photo: Mari Tefre/Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Norway has initiated and financed the opening of the Svalbard global seed vault, a.k.a. the "doomsday vault" and "Noahs arch". The facility is available to the entire world and the concept is to secure seeds from all over the world in case of a global crisis. Countries from all over the globe have sent their most treasured seeds, like rice, wheat, lettuce, potato etc. etc.

And if you're wondering, like the CNN anchor was, why they chose this "hell forsaken" place - the answer is in the video.

The setting is almost right out of a James Bond movie.

and the official site ;


Step-Uncle Sam can relax now

Step one of my VISA medical exams required me to have an x-ray taken of my chest area to prove I won't bring tuberculosis to the U.S . Turns out I'm as healthy as can be. Surprise, surprise...


Thursday, February 28, 2008


Back in the day, before we even were a duo, these pics were taken at a school event. I later moved to Budapest and in between sending each other love letters and songs, I made him this little flash animation.

(click on picture for full effect)


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Amber Favoritism

....and it commences. we're REALLY excited about getting these babies soon; maybe we'll never actually send em out?


[ check out more of amber's process pics ]

- jelsen

"Saloon" as in "Bar", silly

Another one for googly eyes. tacky yet awesomeness, this sign's up in Grand Central Station. check out the ampersand.

- jelsen

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sundays in Oslo

My favorite thing to do in Oslo on Sundays is to walk through the many flea markets. I hardly ever find anything to buy, but I love looking and digging through all the stuff people put out there. I once found a toilet paper roll in one of the boxes. Some would call it half used, but I'd like to think it was half unused.


New York hold 'em

I see your snow and raise you.


Bye Bye Grandma

Grandma Guillaume lived a great 76yrs. 1 of 16 siblings.
She passed away peacefully in her sleep, exactly 2yrs + 1day after her husband's death.

They are both buried next to each other.

[ more photos from this day ]

- jelsen


Just finished my first boxing lesson. I floated like an elephant and stung like a cotton ball - but I'm totally gonna go back for more.
The taste of blood is still in my mouth. Yum.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Love it or hate it

The wonderful world of old mixed with the world of new. Except right here, it's not much wonderful, it's more like a collision. Too bad they weren't smarter about the new part, it could have looked so much better. Or just good to start with.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Amber's our Favorite:

We're privileged to have the paper queen Amber Favorite build & letterpress our envelopes for the wedding invites.

Woo hoo, chicago!

Check out some of her process pics. gotta love it.

Look at that pwitty paper!

- jelsen

Good Morning // 05

Well, im supposed to fly to miami this afternoon from LGA. we'll see if mother nature permits.

- jelsen

Rafael Shot Me in the Face

Mr Rios came through the apt and took some cool portraits. def check out more of his work.

Good times were still afoot when we wrapped up the shoot with thai food and the Helvetica film.

- jelsen

Sunny Side of UPS

Now, since UPS likes to lie (in detail) about when they'll actually deliver a package to your home, i had the privilege of taking a good chunk out of my day to trek the 7 Train to Sunnyside, Queens to pick it up my damn self.

check out the glorious entrance.

- jelsen

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Carb heaven and the birds condo

Started the day at my favorite bakery in Oslo with my lovely friend Line. It's called "Åpent bakeri", which translates to "open bakery" and it has the most delicious bread in the entire Norway. It's so good, they're always sold out actually, but luckily we were up bright and early and got our share. It works like this; you pick and pay for your choice of delightful treat (in this case wholegrain rolls) and then they let you eat all you want of their homemade strawberry jam which basically contains freshly squished sweet strawberries. They have a barrel full of it and you can fill a glass (or even ten) with it and bring to your table. It is heaven. Hea.ven. If I could go there for breakfast everyday I would, I swear. If you haven't had Norwegian bread, you can't understand what I mean and if "Smucker's" is your choice of jam, I want you to smuck yourself in the face for even thinking it comes close to this.

Anyway. After finishing my giant size roll of yumminess, I headed to the gym where my personal trainer told me I'm not allowed to have bread again. Like ever. Or should I say, never.

Walking from the gym to the subway, I spotted this awesome bird's condo. It looks like a little tree house. Although it's on a stick, so that basically makes it a stick house, I guess?! Pretty neat, except the pigeons couldn't fit in it so they were just using it as a pit stop. Sorta like a crap'n fly. The best part is the sign directing them towards the nearest Deli de Luca, which is coincidentally - the only place I like to get my crap when I'm about to fly.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Good Morning // 04

This morning while i was in the locker room at NYSC on 14th street (around 8:45) two men were caught 'doin the dirty' - in the steam room. the staff member who walked in on them approached this 'pleasant surprise' quite professionally. here it is:

Staff Member: "Guys, this IS NOT cool. You cant be doing this here...NOT cool"

He storms out for a few mins then comes back in with a female staff member. they go back into the steam room and to everyone's surprise - the two dudes were still at it! amazing, i know. now, the staff member was PISSED:

Staff Member: " What?! are you guys kidding me?! Get the fuck out of there NOW! You...and you....Yeah - YOU! I fucking saw you! no? you're tell me it wasnt you?! oh! you think it's cool looking at me jacking off right now?! you think this is funny!? FUCK YOU. get out right now!........I SAW YOU MOTHERFUCKER....IM LOOKING AT YOU RIGHT NOW!...yeah, i walked in and this guy was bent over giving you head. EY - get the fuck up right now! Be a man and get up....get UP"

Now, this entire time the culprits werent saying a thing back. of course not - their brains' blood was someplace else at the moment. tee hee.

i didnt stick around to see who they were - who cares! im def buying flip-flops today.

- jelsen

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Scandi remedy

We're out of cough syrup, but being a true Scandinavian household - we have an industrial size bottle of Jägermeister in stock,.Hopefully it'll cure my cough before I get more than buzzed.
At least I can't feel my nose anymore. Or the snot hanging down from it.
Yes, I found another way of putting that word in there.


In between coughs and sneezes

I'm admiring my new shoes and dreaming that the sun will melt all the snow so I can use them somewhere else than my own house. They're too pretty for the inside.

I'm also on my fifth cup of tea and honey. Oh, and let's not forget the snot tissues, I know how you all must enjoy reading about those. It also gives me another reason to label this post under "snot", and well...i kinda have to create my own fun today. It's either snot or a "7th heaven" marathon...what would you choose?


This moaning

It seems Jelsen passed his cold on to me. I guess you really CAN do everything on the internet these days. Woke up this a.m. with a sore throat, runny nose and pounding headache. Refused to accept what was happening to my body and made it all the way to the gym for my pilates class - where they asked me to please leave so I wouldn't spread my germs to everyone there. Got on the train back home with all my snot tissues tucked in my mitten (yes I wear mittens, you would too if you lived in Norway). Have now camped down on the couch with oj, pills and even more snot tissue.

For those of you with keen sight ;
yes, my blankie has a dog and a cat on it. And yes, I call it my "blankie".


Far Far Far Rockaway

ok, so i 'kinda' know what typefaces were used here - but, not confident enough to raise my hand in class to belt out the answer.

Where's Deacon Webster when you need him?

What an amazing establishment. the cars are so out of place. the architecture & colors are almost lego-like.

- jelsen

Monday, February 18, 2008

Good Morning // 03

This morning's plan was to sweat out the residue of last week's cold. so, i headed to the gym and had a jolly good time perspiring.

After sweaty nothings, i went back to my locker and BLAM! i forgot my combination. again.

a) I wrote the combination to the lock in my notepad the day i got it (unfortunately, i left that in the locker with the rest of my stuff. duh)
b) After realizing i 'forgot' the combo i made a list of most-likely variations (notice the VERY FIRST try is the correct combination)
c) The end result.

- jelsen