Friday, October 17, 2008

Good Morning // 23

This morning i finally took (again) the leap from paying to go to the actually going to the gym.

In honor of this, here's a flashback to one of my favorite posts: CLICK HERE.
- jelsen

"Oh, hell

Bahareh, predictably, churned out an amazing 'mini-feast' last night for the final Presidential Square-Off. This lady's pretty sexy with the kitchen stuff.

We pulled some folks in for the consumption. Oh, and the debate.
Cant wait to be in that voter's booth. This year it might actually count.

oh yeah! and we also got rid of a few apples last night.

- jelsen


Yesterday i finally got my front tire fixed. Ive been bike-free since the 'stabbing incident'. So, i get it fixed, ride back home, lock my bike - and the lock's key breaks off.


Next, i ride to a different shop to get a proper lock.
That's right - a built-in flashlight. Maybe i should get a helmet too.

- jelsen