Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Good Morning // 04

This morning while i was in the locker room at NYSC on 14th street (around 8:45) two men were caught 'doin the dirty' - in the steam room. the staff member who walked in on them approached this 'pleasant surprise' quite professionally. here it is:

Staff Member: "Guys, this IS NOT cool. You cant be doing this here...NOT cool"

He storms out for a few mins then comes back in with a female staff member. they go back into the steam room and to everyone's surprise - the two dudes were still at it! amazing, i know. now, the staff member was PISSED:

Staff Member: " What?! are you guys kidding me?! Get the fuck out of there NOW! You...and you....Yeah - YOU! I fucking saw you! no? you're tell me it wasnt you?! oh! you think it's cool looking at me jacking off right now?! you think this is funny!? FUCK YOU. get out right now!........I SAW YOU MOTHERFUCKER....IM LOOKING AT YOU RIGHT NOW!...yeah, i walked in and this guy was bent over giving you head. EY - get the fuck up right now! Be a man and get up....get UP"

Now, this entire time the culprits werent saying a thing back. of course not - their brains' blood was someplace else at the moment. tee hee.

i didnt stick around to see who they were - who cares! im def buying flip-flops today.

- jelsen