Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last Week's Interestings // 40

- jelsen

Tony Smith [ 1912 - 1980 ]

[ via Wikipedia ]
Tony Smith was born in South Orange, New Jersey. He first trained as an architect and in 1939 began working for Frank Lloyd Wright and was introduced to Wright's module concrete blocks. He also did some painting as a part-time student at the Art Students League of New York but did not begin sculpting until 1956 when he was age 44. His first exhibitions were in 1964. He is primarily known for his influential Minimalist sculpture....
Official info @ Matthew Marks Gallery.

- jelsen

Guest Desktop : Billy Custer

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A Week Ago

Was the perfect Sunday. Stacey, Billy and I biked round Prospect Park as if it was splendid summertime.

It completely energized my week. wouldnt be a Sunday without a Guinness, now would it.
- jelsen