Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ali Reza and the Rezas

Today I got to watch the preview of the comedy series I co-wrote with some great people back in Norway. It was the strangest feeling cuz I didn't go to any of the shoots and this is the first time I get to see my lines on screen! Wow. It is also weird to know exactly what scene from what episode they are showing in the preview without actually having seen the show yet....and the only reason I know is because I wrote the damn thing. Wow. TRULY a dream come true. I don't even have any jokes about it yet. Unless you count how many times I've already watched it as a joke. And I'll understand if you do.

Sorry, no subtitles yet, I think we're saving that for the DVD. Ha... I wrote scenes for a tv series that will become a dvd with subtitles... Wow.

(I can't upload the video, so please check it out here for a sneak peak)