Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Couldnt Leave This Out:


gotta love it,
- jelsen

All Aboard > Copenhagen

After eagerly celebrating two entire Christmases [ ie. over-sleeping, over-sleeping, and over-_____ ] we were prepared to take it to the next level.

That next level came in the form of the 'Danske Båten'! Its a 16hr cruise - one way - to Copenhagen, Denmark. Once in Copenhagen we then have around 7hrs to soak in as much Dane as possible.

We excepted the challenge - duh.
"hmmm, should i exchange my USD's for DKK's or keep the low USD's and just NOK it for now and then exchange them to DKK's when we dock tomorrow. The DKK's higher than the NOK nowadays."
.....we drank up to the science of the value of money in our suite with the cool folding bunk beds.

The high life, folks.
Our nonsense spilled over to the ship's corridors. We realized that we werent the most obnoxious - or the most drunk - roaming 'round.
.....check out the projector to see what we're duet'ing. Could you ask for anything more?


After karaoke the space became the discoteque aka Heaven 11 [ actual club name ].

techno, techno, techno.
I requested 'any Michael Jackson song - whatever you got'......................................an hour later 'Black or White' / Random Techno Mix poured out the speakers.

Realizing that if we continued at our pace we'd end up looking like these two fellows above when in Denmark the next day. It was after 3am - we prioritized and crashed.
Copenhagen in the morning.

- jelsen

Oslo Architecture II

"....please, do come in."
...and my very favorite thus far:

- jelsen

And More Oslo Roaming

We took a beautiful walk round Bærum before heading into Oslo city. The first stop was Vigeland Sculpture Park.

Over 200 granite and bronze sculptures.....all made by ONE man: Gustav Vigeland. Crazy.
I need better gloves, socks, and nose warmers.

- jelsen