Friday, January 30, 2009

To be young again

I just watched this show, SKINS, earlier and it made me wanna be 15 again.
(Update! BBC has disabled the embedding of this clip so if you wanna see it , and trust me you do, just click on the clip and it'll take you straight to youtube.)

Then I remember what I looked like at 15.


Oh, Oslo

Last night I rekindled my romance with my hometown and went to a screening of the movie "Metropolis".
It was showing at this beautiful house called Villa Stenersen that was designed by architect Arne Korsmo in the late 1930s and was supposed to function as a home for both Rolf Stenersen, his family and their incredible art collection. In 1974 Stenersen donated his home to the city and it was supposed to be used as a residence for future prime ministers, but has only housed one so far. These days the house is used as a gallery and meeting space used mainly by architect and design fields.

The movie didn't start before sundown, so I didn't get any good pictures myself. Luckily I managed to put the world wide web to the test and find some of my favorite details about the building. Please note the dome entrance and the frame windows. Spectacular.

The next few weeks they are showing "Blade Runner", "The Fountainhead" and "Brazil". I'll dedicate a post to the first person who can tell what these movies all have in common.