Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Scavengers

This was done by our good buddy Billy Custer (copywriter).
Now, if you've ever been an intern - you know.

- jelsen

The weekend review

I've been having some computer "issues" and posting has been slow lately, but here is a recap of the last few events I've attended.

Thursday: I went to a show at Smooch called "From the Source" and was blessed to see performances by Yolanda Zama, Eagle Nebuia and our sweetheart of a friend, Sarah White. The show was great and once Jelsen managed to pull himself away from work, he came to meet me. As I enjoyed the music and the sangria, Jelsen wipped out his portable workstation and zoned out. Just another perfect night in BK.

Friday: Headed to Stephanie's office for some drinks before finally getting to see Miss Erykah Badu perform live! And at Radio City Music hall! What a treat. After the show we went to the after party where Questlove was spinning. The night ended with me puking in a cab, so we can definitely call it a successful drunk night out in the city.

Saturday: Stephanie had her picture in a show and we showed up at the opening party to congratulate her.

Sunday: We finally found a new baker for our wedding and were invited to a tasting at her apartment on mother's day! Stephanie was invited along to help us decide the taste. We arrived with a bouquet of flowers and left with a box of cupcakes and sugar hiiiigh. Later we visited Rodney at the hospital and had a mean lunch at a diner nearby. No, really...the staff was So mean to us!

Last Week's Interestings // 04

- jelsen

Stephanie Land @ Pen & Brush Gallery

Our Lady Steph had a piece of hers [ Paris ] selected for a group show at the Pen & Brush Gallery. Whoohoo!

It was a really cool space and the people were irie. The gallery is a converted brownstone in the East Village (jeez).and to my little happy heart's surprise - BOOM! - Roy DeCarava was there. Living Legend right there in the flesh. Im familiar with some of his work but never got to put the face to it all.

The coolest thing was him candidly talking about how he and Langston Hughes met in Harlem and their following collaboration.

How crazy is that?!
That's what i love about NY; history's just walking around all the time out here.

- jelsen

A Thin Line

- jelsen

Erykah Badu + Radio City Music Hall

Last Friday a group of us (no, we didnt hold hands crossing 6ave) got tickets to the Badu show and it was indeed fantabulous. Radio City is hands down my favorite venue cuz it's perfect on so many levels

Here are a few:
- the architecture's art deco take is nothing short of arrogant
- the location (51st & 6ave) is smack-dab in taxi/metro central. also a great mix of tourists and locals.
- the acoustics! there really isnt a bad seat in the place.
Of course, Analog Girl in a Digital World blew our minds....and here's a crazy story. Bahareh and i were in the nose's nosebleed (3rd Mezzanine) and sat next to this mother & daughter (the mom watched us make out every time) from - i forget. Anyway, the show was one of the daughter's Mother's Day gifts.

We got to talking and inevitably moved to the 'what do you do?' portion of small talk. The mother said she's been working at a place called SCAN for 16yrs.

I yelped and pulled my phone out of my pocket frantically scrolling through my images to show everyone why i was wigging out:

I then showed everyone the photo of Stephanie and i mocking the SCAN logo (first time we ever saw it) 4 days BEFORE the Badu show.

What a freaky coincidence.

- jelsen

Hood Ornament

Yeah right. It's on a goddamn Mercury.

- jelsen

Brooklyn Tourism's Failed Attempt No.1

- jelsen

We Are

This collab was a nice Wam-Bam Thankya-Mam. Lichiban's super crafty and we have identical work schedules: ALL DAY/ALL NIGHT.

I'll be in San Diego this wknd (my first time) for the The World at Large//Love Without Borders art show opening. Im more than ready to escape to California......temporarily, of course.

Check out The Love Movement.

- jelsen