Sunday, February 17, 2008

(A) TRAIN Project

Im excited to announce that early tomorrow morning begins Steph's and i's a-train project. "what is it?", you ask...well, we dont exactly know yet.
We'll be armed with a b&w camera, two cabezas full of imagination, and the longest one-seat ride in the subway system (over 31 miles) we romantically refer to as "The Mutherfucking A Train". we'll be riding it from start to finish.

Cant wait to see what we come up with. Stay tuned!

- jelsen

Peripheral Branding, Oh My!

Shepard Fairey / The Grateful Dead / ChangeTheThought
(you can download ChangeTheThought's 24x36 & 11x17 posters for free - 10 in all)

- Jelsen

Why Bahareh doesnt love me:

She DIDNT get me this for Venereal Day 2008. ugh.

well, there's always halloween.
check out [TYPOLADE ]

- jelsen

Step-Uncle Sam finds our address:

The Department Of Homeland Security finally decided to send us a 'notice' that our fiance visa 'will be' arriving....

i guess that counts as a step closer.

- jelsen


Yesterday, on myrtle's wonderful B54 bus, my eye caught onto a pattern on a pair of this grown-ass-man's jeans. what was that pattern? marijuana leaves; embroidered...across the entire pair.


What's up with these adults strutting around proudly rocking either 2pac/weed-leaf tees (wonder if they know his lyrics), dangling sterling 'silver' marijuana necklaces with real 'diamonds', and/or (my very, very favorite) a weed tattoo?

Why is this so cool to them? these are far from rebelling highschool kids skipping class to spark a quickie - these people HAVE children, even adult ones! Who cares that you smoke weed? most of us do. it really isnt unique and sure as hell isnt proclamation-worthy. all you're saying is, "hello stranger, before i tell you who i am or what i do for a living - i REALLY need to express how much i love weed....via my clothing. awesome, huh?!".


I wonder how many of these marijuanapperellers are involved in any legalization issues or activist organizations. i wouldnt bet on many; these classy cats are just tooooo cool for that.

- jelsen