Thursday, July 17, 2008

Best Batman Movie EVER

So, last night was a classic '...oh, Jelsen...' moment with a splash of Bahareh mixed in. I'll just make it quick:

01) frantically bought tickets online for a 12:01am thursday (meaning wednesday night) BATMAN showing.
02) got to the theater 40mins early
03) retrieved our tickets from the kiosk
04) gave the tickets to the 'ticket ripping guy'
05) watched the 'ticket ripping guy' laugh at us while saying, "Batman isnt tonite - you're 24hrs early"
06) uhm
07) enjoyed Hellboy II
wow. so tonite, we do it all over again (correctly, though). and why the fuck isnt the Fandango clearer about midnight showings?! right?

- jelsen