Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday aka Free Fallin'

New season. New reason.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


My buddy, Katie, invited me and her buddy Natalie, along to go to the annual Orchid show at New York Botanic Garden in Bronx. I'm not usually an Orchid kinda gal, but must say I was left breathless and surprisingly elevated after seeing all these gorgeous flowers in full bloom. 

I also remembered that the first flower I ever got from Jelsen was an Orchid. He carried it all the way from Hamburg to London. Here's a very old picture of that...

...And here is what my day looked like. Yes, I have an editing problem, but there can never be enough beauty on this page, right? My favorite part of this flower is the middle. I see everything from tongues to tigers heads in them. 

Do you see the tiger head on the top of this yellow one? I do!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Staying party

Our buddy, Pascale, was supposed to move back to Barcelona this week and had planned a going away party. Then she decided BK is getting under her skin and since we all still wanted a reason to party at Smooch with DJs Jtram, Leb Laze and Epstein, the party was renamed to a staying party and we got going. 

Thursday night drinking, catching up with neighborhood buddies and animal petting is always a winner in my book.



Life beckons and im going to give it my undivided.

I'll also be taking a hiatus from Courtesy Of for a while......i know i know - you'll be just fine.



Kareem invited me to speak about custom/handmade typography in his graphic design class @ PRATT Institute.

Damn, did i fit 4 of my favorite things into a single sentence?

- jelsen

Oroma Therapy

The other night we got a visit from Oroma. She just got back from West Africa and came through to chill for a meal, technical mac support, and creative political banter.
Oroma's the brain [ she'll completely deny this fact, though ] of POP'AFRICANA:

POP'AFRICANA is the pioneering voice redirecting continental thinking and global opinion of the African. A robust and educative guide, re-introducing, re-defining and inspiring all aspects of Art Africano. Serving as more than a cultural report, our all-inclusive perspective aims to educate the globe on African ideas of beauty and style.


Below are some grabs from the Introductory Issue:
Oh yeah - and she's a great photographer & stylist. Below's a sneak peek of the upcoming issue [ i designed the logo ]:
And check out her heavy blog [ Oroma's Therapy ]. 

- jelsen