Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's All Glamour, baby.

If it was up to me, this would have to be the enlarged photo that's glued on foam-core at my funeral. It's also known as, 'The Legacy Portrait'.

I'd like to thank Stephanie for finding it in her heart not to delete this from her camera. Now we can all laugh at me.....with me.

- jelsen

Rising Down

Thaaaaaat's right, i bought my 2nd CD this year - and it's only April! Already 100% more than the year prior.

- jelsen

AmeriCar Strikes Again!

Now, I figure those people that willingly pay to deface their own vehicle in the name of Step-Uncle Sam believe/expect that they'll get something in return.....maybe a tax write-off?

No? You think they do it to just remind other Americans, while in America, that they are American too? ah. i see.

- jelsen