Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fred Lives On

Over at Walrus the team bid farewell to a charming fellow. i had the privilege of kinda-sorta getting to know the guy before he left.

After designing this book in homage of the man - i fell like i now know him very intimately.

I also learned how to bind a book. Deacon's man-hands were very comforting.

good times last night. met some gooder people, too.

- jelsen

Turnstile Bums

...did i mention 'assholes'?

Why the hell do these people think that right smack IN the turnstyle is the perfect nest for canoodling? maybe installing coat racks would further accommodate these two. sure, it's late at night and the station's practically empty - but, i've seen this during primetime hours also.

These fuckers tend to have other similar habitual traits such as:

- standing at the TOP of the stairs to talk on the phone instead of moving out of the damn way to let the rest of the city pass through
- stopping at the BOTTOM of the stairs while everyone's trying to get in/out of the trains
- playing cheesy-ass radio music via a piece of shit cell phone...all treble
- singing along with the cheesy-ass radio music via a piece of shit cell phone...all treble.

Where's the MTA etiquette, eh?

- jelsen

Stephanie Claus

Hooray! another gift from Steph.
....from the far far north region of Bushwick.

What could possibly be better than coming home drunk to mail? nada.
Check out the, of course, beautiful package filled with an abundance of paper samples, a mini-book from chicago, and other stuff i cant seem to recall at the moment.

thanks Steph,
- jelsen

Summer's Afoot

Oooooooweee. it'll be an extra special one this year.

i can feel it in my bones.
- jelsen

Bah Bah Black Sheep Tix

Ey folks. Black Sheep performing at Highline Ballroom.....for $.01per ticket.
...and i bought 5. why? odds are ima give em away to 4 lazy friends who forgot to buy their own tickets before the show got sold out.

- jelsen