Saturday, May 31, 2008

Doug & Nicole's Prospect Parkage

I openly admit (often enough) that if Bahareh and i were challenged in a couple-off of ANY kind....i wouldnt want to be going up against Doug and Nicole. It just wouldnt work well with our pending legacy.

The two hosted a Memorial Day picnic in Prospect Park. Thanks guys. The weather couldnt have been better and Bahareh was still high from 'biking anywhere i wanna go - anytime!'.Hello Steph! Check out cooler pics of the day via HER. I may be hinting towards a highlight.Good. Clean. Fun.

- jelsen

Jelsen Jargon's a FAMILY MAN.

A couple days ago Bahareh and i had Sarah White, Rico [DJ Don Cuco], and their i-just-wanna-bite-your-cheeks-off cute daughter Isabella over for pancakes and grown-up talk.
Oh, something's brewing indeed.
- jelsen