Monday, February 18, 2008

Good Morning // 03

This morning's plan was to sweat out the residue of last week's cold. so, i headed to the gym and had a jolly good time perspiring.

After sweaty nothings, i went back to my locker and BLAM! i forgot my combination. again.

a) I wrote the combination to the lock in my notepad the day i got it (unfortunately, i left that in the locker with the rest of my stuff. duh)
b) After realizing i 'forgot' the combo i made a list of most-likely variations (notice the VERY FIRST try is the correct combination)
c) The end result.

- jelsen

Spot the difference

Traffic signs in Norway are getting modernized, but I really wish they would keep some of the old ones. I'm especially gonna miss this one. It's a piece of traffic art with its details and old fashion glam. You really can't beat the suit and the hat and because of this, I always aim to look like Fred Astaire when I'm crossing the streets.
The new one is so lame in comparison. I mean, who crosses the street without shoes on? C'mon.


Toot! Toot!

Top-O-Mornin! This is how it all began; we met at 9:30 at a bushwick walgreens to pick up some b&w film. we then jumped on the J Train to JFK.

that in our hands = breakfast. onward ho.

Oooops: "where are we? where's the A Train? oh, down there." fantastic.

We were also hungry again so, since in the neighborhood, we opted on enjoying lunch at the world renowned JFK Food Court. hard palates everywhere envied ours.'re reading it right: Wok&Roll. it's definitely riding that thin line of clever and shut the fuck up. we ultimately decided on McD's cause its always smarter to stick with domestic violence rather than venture abroad for it.

After being spotted by airport security for picture-taking on the premises, the man (who shaves his sideburns up to the very top of his ear) took the polaroid and tore it apart practically inches from steph's face while saying, "sorry guys, 19 idiots had to go ahead and ruin it for everyone else". these 'idiots' he's referring to are the 9/11 plane hijackers....yeah, well put.

Oh - that's a bird IN the airport.
Finally getting off the airtran & an A Train transfer to far rockaway, we took the predictable post-lunch bathroom break at a local hospital's gift shop/cafeteria.

We strut into the lobby and the security stops us and asks, "hello, how can i help you?", and i - having experienced "no, bathroom. only for customers" (yes, even at hospitals)lied to him saying, "...yes, my family told me to meet them in the cafeteria"...his reply, "great, you're standing in it"

indeed i was.

Steph threw in a swift, "where are your restrooms?". he then pointed, we then peed. bladder saved x2.

Relieved, we treaded to the grim, seashell sanded northern strip of the atlantic shoreline some people blindly refer to as 'the beach'. after 5hrs....we were finally at the the starting point of our A Train Project.

Inwood, here we come:

Stay tuned.
- jelsen