Tuesday, April 14, 2009

T H A N K // Y O U

Hello Hello pwitty interweb people. I figured i'd momentarily step out of my cacoon to post about this fantastical happening.

So as you read above in my Craigslist post i lost one of my sketchbooks. About a week later i get this in the mail:
Yep, some good folks found my book AND mailed it to me! > Craigslist had nothing to do with it ]

Now i know that goofy 'If Found' stickers on stuff look ridiculous but as helmets do - they save lives.

So, here are some scans of the inside; ive attacked this one for about a year.
...and since i didnt expect to see this book again i quickly moved on to the next.

So far:
Thanks ___________ for being kind enough to return it to me. Im shooting karma pellets your way.

- jelsen