Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Always Sunny In

These fellas = Print Liberation. The sandwich = a metaphor. [ i highly recommend you read it ]

Print Liberation does tons-o-stuff involving silk-screening, typography, illustration, tees, and fun times [ there's more stuff, too ]. Im a sucker for anyone doing what they do while letting their personality skeet all over the work - always refreshing.

Check 'em for yourself H E R E.

...and it continues:
Gotta love the range. They also just recently opened up a flagship store. I'll be sure to solicit next time i'm down there.
...and for you phillie folks: thinking about it.
c'mon - prizes WILL be awarded.

- jelsen

Ideas For Years

The other night i met up with a good chap [ yes, i said chap...figured it a sly way to acknowledge his Brit-ness ] for some single malt.

Adam Regan is easily one of the most interesting dude's i've ever bullshat with. This guy has a whole lotta primo stories to tell. it's like when i say to a friend, "ey - remember that CRAZY wknd in _____?!!", well he has decades of those.

inspiring, indeed.

So Adam's a sick photographer. He's also art directed at a bunch of agencies worldwide. Check out some selects:
...and this is the photo that had me searching 'round the room for it's creator:
....composition, oh my.

Def take a gander at more of his photography H E R E.
oh, and he also designed the original Blues Brothers poster. Yep, the one that just popped in your head.

- jelsen

G'bye Sweet Centurion Chariot

Since october 2007 i've been moving at an even faster pace than the standard jelsen powerwalk. Why? cuz Ekene let me borrow his 'secondary bike'.

i friggin love this thing. we've had great times. now - i lay it to rest.

i'll miss ye ole rusty,
- jelsen