Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last Week's Interestings // 08

- jelsen

Good Morning // 16

At 6:30am saturday morning our wonderful (and perma-cheerful) wedding florist Jessy picked us up in her brand spankin' new car (aka The Toaster) and headed to Chelsea Flower Market. I love being in the city so early in the morning - it's at its cleanest....aaaah.

We hopped from one shop to the next finalizing our vision for the wedding. Flowers are so damn interesting. "what's this?...what's that called?" Bahareh and i periodically asked. Jessy always knew, and i swear they all sounded like dinosaur names....we're having puffer fish as our centerpieces. sike!
Thank you Jessy for the great time! Cant wait to see the goodies.

- jelsen

"Just Shutup And Listen, I'm A White Male."

Psychology, psychology. This 'white male = omnipotence' concept has been the center of (western) culture since...uhm....1492?

This role is still very popular among all forms of public communication, which (still) shows the lack of cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity in just about every industry. The 'majority' advertises for and with themselves in mind - duh.

Ever since i can remember ive looked through school textbooks, watched popular tv shows and read print ads asking, "where's the guy that represents me?". Im either in BOX:A or BOX:B. This, both subtly and overtly, has an undeniably negative effect on a young person's character development and perception of self worth. If you only see someone that looks like you in a handful of roles - you imply these are the sum of all that you can become.

no sir! let's teach the babies.

keep your eyes open.
- jelsen