Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The moment

After OBAMA was announced the winner, we stopped jumping up and down screaming our lungs and throats sore...and watched while the President-elect took center stage.

("Where were you when Obama was elected President?"Our answer will be presented to you soon.)

Letter To My Unborn Child

Last night, Barack Hussein Obama was elected the very first black president of the United States. When i think about this new fact, this goose-bumping reality, i am both overwhelmed with pride as well as perspective.

See, you will be born into a world that has 'always had this man in school textbooks' just as, for example, my generation has 'always had Martin Luther King Jr' in ours. This is an amazing fact....and that's what's amazing: THIS IS A FACT. For every single generation before you and i its been an idea, a concept, a goal....and you will, by default, know it as a historical fact.

Do you understand how beautiful this is?!

Last night your mother and i stood in front of a massive screen that broadcast the transition of this idea into reality - and i could only think of you.

Our ancestors are thinking of you.

They've ardently built our legacy, against uncermountable opposition, step by step so that you'll have a chance to add even more height to our path upward. I cannot wait to tell you all about this night; i cant wait to answer all your questions about what it all felt like 'back in the day', how euphoric it was for us to dance in the drumming and screaming of New York City's streets.

My future's always been larger than life because of how hard my parents, your grandparents, perservered through all sorts of obstacles i have the privilege to only read about. Now, yours is going to be even larger than mine.

Last night the American people said goodbye to some things and hello to much more. You will be evidence of this.

We're already so proud of you.

I love you. We love you.
- Your Father