Saturday, June 14, 2008

WE GET Married in:

> hint, hint <

And bigups to Alexander. Besides his stellar customer service and entertaining childhood stories (which include Mormons) he's sorta sexy with the tailor's chalk.

if you're there: ask for him.

- jelsen

Hospital Hoppin'

01) Rodney's better than ever! He's back home in DAYS. Stay tuned...
02) Billy just wants to move into his new hospital cuz it's just so damn cool + view + morphine.
- jelsen

J*Davey, baby!

What's better than working your ass off and barely sleeping and then treating yourself to an impromptu concert with a couple of buddies? - NADA!

The talent of the night: J*Davey. On sunday Kareem, Chakaras and i hit up S.O.B.'s for the much needed sweat-off.

Folks...if you didnt know about 'em please find out. woah! always a pleasure.
...and it got a little intimate. A couple of us jumped on stage and danced with her for her exit song.

ah, and here's a youtube vid of a different performance. go'head and feel it.

- jelsen