Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lassies & Gentlemen

January 25th is Robbie Burns Day - the world's largest annual celebration of the work of any writer. Please, google'd this day of whiskey, slurred speeches, bagpipage, stews, and folk dancing exist so long without any of my knowledge?

oh - im not scottish. that's it.

Well, Doug & Nicole let me adopt-a-culture for a day and here's how they done do it:
yes - they had official [printed] programs!
Turn for my 'Toast To The Lassies':

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Oh Sweet Sweet Lassies
How benevolent your ways

With bodies as solid as a chassis
And sweet minds that remold like clay

There are far too many accolades to simply display
But because of you, oh sweet lassie, we are all here today.

Placenta Placenta - you were first my home
And look how mighty strong i now have grown!


Oh Sweet Sweet Lassies
How seductive your souls

With breasts ripe like pomegranates
And asses that most find tough to manage

Those lips so soft
My penis exalts

Vagina Vagina - you are my favorite home
And look how mighty strong i now have grown!


Oh Sweet Sweet Lassies
How multifaceted your modes

With frontal lobes too complex for mere lads to hone
You gracefully achieve both career and tidy abodes

Sweet natural scents never leave you alone
We lads proudly lend you our throne

Intellect Intellect - you are my elusive home
And look how mighty smart i now have grown!


Oh Sweet Sweet Lassies
You prance with such confidence

With voices high pitched and index finger as waving evidence
You get your ways with nearly no hesitance

From us lads you are forever in need of more attention
If not satisfied you use manipulation called pussy retention

Philanges Philanges - you are consistently my new home
With a firm stride and altering grips....there is none better thing known.


Oh Sweet Sweet Lassies
Let us Laddies rise to salute thee
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Too much fun. Just the right amount of 'too much' fun.

thanks guys!
- jelsen

WAY Over The Rainbow

[ E.Y. Harburg ][ Harold Arlen ][ Sergei Rachmaninoff ][ ! ]

Leepin' lizards! My brother Andrew sent this my way and ive been l-l-l-l-looping it.

And if you're forced to only click ne ONE part of this equation - go for SERGEI.

- jelsen

Pre-Inauguration Gift:

I met up with fellow NYCers Lichiban & Jayson Atienza who BOTH had pieces in the Manifest Hope:DC show. Wouldya look at that!

Would you also look at that crowd. Ha, it was so packed we couldnt even get in. Lichi considered that a compliment.
So we separated for powernaps and city wandering.
...then returned for the show's Ball / Gala. Lichiban gave me her spare ticket - whew.
Some of the work:
.....what's that familiar sound?.......i bumped into some more "Broooooklyn!":
...THAT familiar sound i was hearing downstairs was Plugs 1 through 3!

Now, ive done it.

After the gala [ and losing my voice due to yelling Posdnus' line BACK at him ] we met up on the other side of the city for more Praising of Our America:
I met the folks of the great blog: I L L V I B E S - D M V. Loads of hip hop treats constantly served up. Be sure to take a gander.
....the NEXT DAY was history.

- jelsen

Meet&Greet // Heydays

Before leaving Oslo i got the chance to meet & geek with some of the folks of design shop HEYDAYS.

These guys are all pretty young and gettingerdone [new word]. Fresh out of school they opened the studio [fuck a jobsearch] and seem to have no reason to look back. They've been getting some great clients and projects.

Here are a few:
....nice, indeed.
Thumbs Up all around, guys. All around.
Be sure to check out their entire portfolio H E R E.

til next,
- jelsen

FLASHBACK // Last Call in OSLO

Yeah, yeah - im finally going through all these Oslo pics. Oh, good times they were:
Finally, a woman you truly knows how to flirt:
S'up Joseph!

...and guess who got engaged:
I miss doner kebabs.

- jelsen