Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Scandi remedy

We're out of cough syrup, but being a true Scandinavian household - we have an industrial size bottle of J├Ągermeister in stock,.Hopefully it'll cure my cough before I get more than buzzed.
At least I can't feel my nose anymore. Or the snot hanging down from it.
Yes, I found another way of putting that word in there.


In between coughs and sneezes

I'm admiring my new shoes and dreaming that the sun will melt all the snow so I can use them somewhere else than my own house. They're too pretty for the inside.

I'm also on my fifth cup of tea and honey. Oh, and let's not forget the snot tissues, I know how you all must enjoy reading about those. It also gives me another reason to label this post under "snot", and well...i kinda have to create my own fun today. It's either snot or a "7th heaven" marathon...what would you choose?


This moaning

It seems Jelsen passed his cold on to me. I guess you really CAN do everything on the internet these days. Woke up this a.m. with a sore throat, runny nose and pounding headache. Refused to accept what was happening to my body and made it all the way to the gym for my pilates class - where they asked me to please leave so I wouldn't spread my germs to everyone there. Got on the train back home with all my snot tissues tucked in my mitten (yes I wear mittens, you would too if you lived in Norway). Have now camped down on the couch with oj, pills and even more snot tissue.

For those of you with keen sight ;
yes, my blankie has a dog and a cat on it. And yes, I call it my "blankie".


Far Far Far Rockaway

ok, so i 'kinda' know what typefaces were used here - but, not confident enough to raise my hand in class to belt out the answer.

Where's Deacon Webster when you need him?

What an amazing establishment. the cars are so out of place. the architecture & colors are almost lego-like.

- jelsen