Monday, November 17, 2008

I love this girl

I am obsessed with her. I want to make her my friend. My best friend. My coolest friend. 
Where are you, Tavi, and when can we hang?

Maybe it's because she reminds me of myself? Creepy, I know...Not the girl, but that I like her so much because she reminds me of me...Regardless, when I was her age I used to make tapes (wow, I feel ancient right now) and ramble on about what I think and what tickled my fancy and what upset me and such and give them to my friends to listen to. I had a red double tape boombox and sometimes, when I felt extra melancholic, I would play sad music in the background as I was taping my rambles.  Kinda the old version of vlogging, no?

Ps. Her mom is from Norway. We are destined to be friends. Seriously. And if I can't have her as my friend, I'm gonna make babies and raise them up to be just like her. I told you I'm obsessed. O b s e s s e d .

Prop 8

Seriously, America. Seriously.

- jelsen

Good Morning // 26

- jelsen