Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's All Glamour, baby.

If it was up to me, this would have to be the enlarged photo that's glued on foam-core at my funeral. It's also known as, 'The Legacy Portrait'.

I'd like to thank Stephanie for finding it in her heart not to delete this from her camera. Now we can all laugh at me.....with me.

- jelsen

Rising Down

Thaaaaaat's right, i bought my 2nd CD this year - and it's only April! Already 100% more than the year prior.

- jelsen

AmeriCar Strikes Again!

Now, I figure those people that willingly pay to deface their own vehicle in the name of Step-Uncle Sam believe/expect that they'll get something in return.....maybe a tax write-off?

No? You think they do it to just remind other Americans, while in America, that they are American too? ah. i see.

- jelsen

Monday, April 28, 2008

TRACE Magazine likes flat-tops

Trace magazine showed me some love last week with a blog interview.

Thanks folks!
- jelsen

...and yet ANOTHER one.

Judge Acquits Detectives in 50-Shot Killing of Sean Bell
Three detectives were found not guilty in the 2006 shooting of Sean Bell, who died on his wedding day in a hail (50 fired shots) of police bullets.

- jelsen

Last Week's Interestings // 04

- jelsen

Oh, So Thurgood

Honestly, i just want to spill the entire show away and break down EVERY single amazing moment that chock-filled Lawrence Fishburne's performance of Thurgood Marshall.....but, i just cant give it justice.

Instead a, 'WOW'.

And our seats were SO good. How good? This is a picture looking up at Lawrence Fishburne. We were so close that we couldnt even eat the junk food we snuck into the show! He'd look at us whenever there was a crackle.

And Bahareh's evening attire was drenched in judicial saliva.

Best DateNight, ever.
- jelsen

Any Doubt?

- jelsen

Whoopi Rock(ed)

The other day i had to chase down this handsome fellow after seeing the EPIC jacket he was rocking.

The best part is he had NO clue what was going on.

- jelsen

Chicken 'N' Platforms

Friday night Bahareh & Le Jelsen headed to our buddies' apt for some Blaxpliotation flix and chicken -n- waffles.

Flick 01: Let’s Do it Again
Flick 02: Shaft

Yes...that's Sidney Poitier.....and YES...that's Bill Cosby.
Gotta love it!
Alissa and Oprah go waaaaaaaay back.

- jelsen

Show 'n' Tell @ HappyCorp

There are two things that have yet to bore me:
1) My friends
2) Showing my portfolio to strangers
My buddy Candice (at HappyCorp) hooked me up with a show-n-tell session at their office.

twas good clean fun. The guys were cool and not as hungover as i thought they'd be. I didnt get any physical high-5's but....honestly....we had to keep SOME professionalism intact.

Oh, and this is what Candice looks like out-of-office. DO NOT make her angry.

- jelsen

Angela Davis @ PRATT

On Wednesday Bahareh and i headed to PRATT to see the not late and definitely great Angela Davis speak on arts & politics.

This is my first time hearing her speak in person.

- jelsen

Diet Cokehead

So, after Bahareh deciding to no longer depend on her diet coke consumption to live (until the week of the wedding) and doing SUCH a great job at it for about 3 mos....she's back on the can. or should i say fountain.
Ladies and gentlemen - you've just witnessing her very first Diet Coke in 3mos.

She's never been happier. Cold turkey's for quitters.
- jelsen

The Stoop !

Last Saturday i finally got to be a guest at The Stoop. Ive been more than eager for weeks.

Sallome's been telling me the greatest things about the crew and i couldnt wait to meet them myself.
It was really cool to be interviewed my highschool students about design, process, and the likes.
We also got to D E S I G N on the spot.

As a surprise assignment i challenged the team to come up with the concept and design of the flyer for their upcoming event. We split into teams and attacked the impromptu brief.
Not bad for 1st time creative directors, eh?

- jelsen