Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Johnny & Hamburg

The other night i got a chance to video chat with a buddy of mine who's been in Chicago for a while now. Johnny, a copywriter, and i went to school together in Miami and then abroad in Hamburg, DE. This fucker's still one of the funniest dudes i know.

We had a great time in Germany, of course. I was then 21yrs old, living in another country for the first time, and bunking with a seasoned drinker from Buffalo, NY. uh-oh.

Here are some highlights of what i still deem my 'Coming Of Age' period.
We lived in a studio apartment, our landlord hated us (she even accused us of throwing beer bottles off of our balcony), and we had NO wifi.

I forgot what bet i lost but i got the inflatable for 3mos.

...all we ate was chicken breast (butter fried), potatoes, and bier. Oh, and sometimes pasta. Constipation was rampant.
Some weekends i ventured off with a buddy's camera.
This is still one of my favorite photos:
This is Mia, the 'other' fellow American from Miami Ad School. We held Hamburg's very first Bus Olympics.
Im always missing Hamburg.....and i NEVER made it to Berlin (next year, next year). The experience was invaluable to my design education and my drinking stamina.


- jelsen